The Parent Teacher Association is playing a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of the college machinery. It is the prop and support of all endeavors and establishes a positive and constructive link between all the stake-holders.

The Principal is the president. The Vice president is elected from among the parents. The secretary is elected from among the teachers.

Under PTA’s patronage and whole hearted co-operation under all developments within the academic and non- academic area takes place. The PTA Executive Council meets at regular intervals and the annual general body meets and ‘open – houses’ (held by each department) offer venues of sharing and interaction.

Positive and negative feedbacks are openly discussed for timely improvement and correction. Generous allocation of PTA funds has helped the college with better facilities like generators, computers, water cooler, inverter, overhead projectors and a well-furnished seminar hall. There is total involvement of the parents in the day-to-day activities of the college, especially College day celebration, farewell functions, PTA meetings, Tournaments and the like. Prizes and Gold medals awarded by the PTA in various fields encourage the students in Sports, scout, and in academic and cultural fields.

The PTA is not only involved with the events within the campus. It has involved in a campaign to protest against the proposed establishment of the bar hotel.


Activities & Events